A merry little Christmas

nativityWhat if Christmas was not so big, over-the-top extravagant? What if it wasn’t so stressful, so exhausting, so full of the highest of expectations?

What is Christmas was . . . little?

The first Christmas was anything but extravagant but it was everything challenging.  A road trip on foot.  Nine months pregnant.  A town bursting with visitors.  And no room for tired travelers.

Was there a midwife for Mary?  Was hot water available, extra bedding, or a friendly woman’s voice who came to take charge?

Having a baby was nothing unusual, nothing special in Bethlehem.  It seemed very small, insignificant yet this time it was the ordinary done in an extraordinary and marvelous way.   It was the turning point of all history and very God entering the atmosphere of His created ones.

People went about their business as usual.  There was hardly a ripple in the day other than one more couple looking for a place to rest after a long journey.  Nothing new here.

Yet angels sang and shepherds came.  Kings trembled and wise men brought gifts and prophecies were being fulfilled left and right.

Ah yes, it was a night of wonders.

Can we simply celebrate this ordinary becoming extraordinary without killing ourselves with activity? Can we slow down long enough to hear the good news and peer into the manger one more time?  Can we just come, bow down and adore him?

Can we make Christmas small enough to be joyful again instead of so large it labors and burdens us?

Can we try it this year?  I want to.  A merry little Christmas filled with incredible awe at the infant God.  Yes, that’s what I want for Christmas.

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