Coming . . .

Advent.  Latin for “coming.”  Anticipating the arrival of someone important.

A hopeful waiting, an excited looking toward, expectantly longing.

God’s promise was first recorded in Genesis but planned before the foundation of the earth.

And God always keeps His promises.  Though it tarries, wait for it.  Though it takes longer than we thought, do not give up.  When fear threatens and voices whisper in your head, “Where are You?” cast them aside and stand on the Truth.  The surety that He cannot lie.

O Come O Come Emmanuel.  I love this ancient hymn-carol.  The longing is heard in the minor chords, in the ripple of lyrics expressing the darkness of the day but looking toward a promised tomorrow.

Wherever you are right now, whatever your present trial or your past heartache, He comes for you.  He comes as the Gift of Christmas.  He gives Himself, the greatest Gift ever, and His heart asks, “Will you take this Gift I offer?  Will you take Me?”

He is coming.  He has come.  He will come again.  Redemption rests in His hand.

Come though long-expected Jesus.  Come to set Your people free.

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