Slow day

100_3270100_3254 100_3257 100_3266We awoke to snow on the ground in mid November.  It was predicted but a surprise to me.  A nice surprise.

I love the first snow of the season, the white covering everything to make it look clean and fresh.  Even the ugly looks pretty.  Little dog is not so fond of snow when we go outside, but he endures and we both breath in the crisp coldness and beauty of the early morning.

It seems a special day, one to be cherished and celebrated.  So I fix homemade drop biscuits, something Sweet William and I don’t eat so often ever since Weight Watchers became part of our routine.  The fresh sausage and tomato omelet taste delicious. I dribble honey on my hot buttered biscuit.

The day seems to slow.  Music plays on the CD player.  I am not in a hurry to get to my list of things to do.  Dishes still soak in the sink.  I am just enjoying the snowflakes falling outside my window and the warmth of the fireplace and the company of loved ones near.

Every day does not have to be a race.  As Ann Voskamp says so wisely, “Life is not an emergency.”  There are moments to be tasted, experiences in which to delight, sights and sounds to feed my soul.  If I will slow myself down long enough to see the gift and receive it as it is, then life really can be abundant.

I’ve been given so much.  Richness is at every turn.  Beauty is free for the taking.  Love is all around.

What shall I do with it?  Ignore it in my hurry to get from here to there?  Glance at the faces in front of me while I look for other faces to connect with?  Take for granted what is here and now?

Dear Lord, forgive me for doing that too much, for not appreciating your daily bread and good gifts.

Today, I enjoy the slowness of a snow day.  Perhaps I will learn the lesson and practice it tomorrow also.

9 thoughts on “Slow day

  1. Love, love, love this snowy post! 🙂 I so enjoy slowing down and just being in the moments with Father. I tend to slow down too much, really and not practice diligence, so I have to be careful in the other direction. How funny. 🙂 I can learn a lot from people who take their responsibilities seriously and are honorable in achieving what Father lays before them each day. But I cherish those quiet moments that I grow lethargic and forget what I ought to be doing. 🙂 Anyway, I love this post, beautifully written (as they all are) and I just picture myself sitting alongside you and Bill and enjoying the snow together. 🙂

    Love to you,Jodi

  2. always love the first snow… although a little early this year… and a snow day for students already… I remember loving them when I worked for 30 years in the school system…The anticipation was such an adrenalin rush…and then those words flashing across the screen of the TV… School Closing Jefferson County!

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