Sunday thanksgiving

November, the month of giving thanks, is a reminder.  And I need to be reminded that every good and perfect gift is from a Father and great God who eternally loves me, is completely unchangeable, and is forever faithful.  While His gifts are always good, I may not always perceive them that way because my perspective is small, mostly self-focused, and limited to this moment of discomfort.

So I give Him thanks today as I should upon every waking morning.  It is good and right to give thanks. For everything.  In all circumstances.  For the Almighty is working out His will in and through me, to conform me into the image of His Son, Jesus. And that, my friends, is a long and slow and sometimes painful process.

Giving Him thanks is making me a little more like Christ Jesus.

4367 – For morning light breaking the darkness.

4368 – For food cooking on the stove

4369 – For fire that warms me

4370 – For little dog asleep and content

4371 – For Sweet William shaving in preparation for church and Sunday school

4372 – For warm coats on this cold day

4373 – For pastor and teacher who studied last week in order to teach me what is looks like to be a Christ follower

4374 – For a friend who said she prayed for me last week (oh, how I needed that!)

4375 – For the Bible on my lap and in my hands, His very Word to me

4376 – For music to usher me into the throne room of worship

My list could go on and on because the gifts go on and on.  Giving thanks makes me feel better this morning, proof once again that God’s instructions and commands are for my good.  And that is something to be thankful for.


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