When faith struggles

Sometimes my faith waivers. You too, perhaps?

I guess we are in good company since John the Baptist even questioned Jesus’ Messiahship when he had been thrown into prison for preaching against sin.  In Matthew 11 I read John’s story which sometimes sounds a little like mine.

At Jesus’ baptism John was right there in the water as a dove settled upon Jesus, the indication that He was indeed sent from God.  But in a dark prison, alone and suffering, John began to question his own beliefs.  John sent his friends to ask Jesus if he really was the One they were looking for.

I’ve been there.

What is really beautiful about this story is that Jesus does not return a rebuke to John.  Instead, Jesus sends John reassurance.

I’ve needed that before.

A time many years ago I bowed before the Lord in deep agony of soul, tears streaming down my face, wondering what was happening and where this road would end.  God “spoke” words of Scripture to my heart:

“Believe and see the glory of God

It was not a rebuke but reassurance.  I clung to those words like a drowning man grasps for a life preserver.  And over the next year, I beheld the glory of God in a way I could not have imagined.

Maybe you need an encouraging word today.  Maybe you need assurance from Jesus that He really is the One and that He really does have a plan for your life and that He really does hear those prayers.

Here are some words from a sermon by David Platt that encouraged me today.  I hope it does the same for you.

“Even for those who seem to be the most faithful [speaking of John the Baptist], faith is sometimes hard, particularly when the burdens of life feel heavy.  But the good news is that even in our doubts, the very God whom we seek to be sure of is certain to meet us where we are in order to assure us of His faithfulness.”

Oh my, I can take hold of that and run with it!

God does not upbraid us when we doubt; rather He meets us where we are right in the middle of it, and He brings all of His faithfulness to lighten our load and lift us up so we once again can walk in faith.

Even when we are not faithful, He remains faithful,  Hallelujah!


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