Worthy of prayers

Day 10 of 31 Days of October – Roses Among The Thorns

I have a thought to ponder.  How to be worthy of others’ prayers for me?

I read about this idea in a book by Philip Yancey, Prayer, Does It Make A Difference?  He tells about committing to pray for a fellow author one day a week because he knew the pressures she would face.  She wrote to him later:

“No one had ever once said he was praying for me.  Consequently I felt obligated to be worthy of your prayers, to remain a Christian writer, to do it as well as I could.”

I know people continue to pray for Sweet William and me through this long trial.  I am amazed they still do it consistently.  I think surely they are weary of it.  Apparently not.  I know they pray and not just because they tell me.  We feel their prayers lifting us up above our own ability to do what we didn’t think we could.

Because of their prayers, we still stand, strengthened by a God who knows what He is doing even when we do not.  Like the Christian author Yancey wrote about, I too want to be worthy of those prayers.  I want to be faithful to the tasks given me, to be gracious in word and deed, to be joyful in trials, to be thankful in every circumstance.

I want their prayers to show off in my life to the glory of God through Christ Jesus.

Steadfast prayers for us call me to a higher plane of discipline in my own praying.

And so I pray to my Heavenly Father, Let me worthy of their prayers, and help me be devoted to pray.


Will you join me on my October journey as I challenge myself to write for 31 days?  I’d love to have you come along.

For a list of the days of October, go here please.

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