31 Days of October Challenge

I’m looking for the Roses among the Thorns during the month of October.

Join me on this journey?


Day 1 The challenge

Day 2 The daily stuff

Day 3 What’s really important?

Day 4 I love my life

Day 5 Rest

Day 6 It’s Monday

Day 7 If you are weary

Day 8 Clinging to hope

Day 9 Sorry friends, I missed this day.  I know you will forgive me.

Day 10 Worthy of prayers

Day 11 Slightly broken

Day 12 Be glorified

Day 13 A little understanding

Day 14 and 15 Sorry friends, I missed these days – again.

Day 16 Sweet William

Day 17 Busy days

Day 18 Going back

Day 19 This day

Day 20 Gentle serving

Day 21 Blue sky

Day 22 When faith struggles

Day 23 Let’s take a trip

Day 24 Respite

Day 25 Burden bearing

Day 26 Just for today

Day 27 Smiles for a Monday

Day 28 Little dog

Day 29 Full, full day and no time for words

Day 30 Busy day

Day 31 The ups and the downs

One thought on “31 Days of October Challenge

  1. Sunday,3/6/16…Just finished reading your Oct. Challenge. I can relate to many of these writings, through the pain of illness, my own, and the encouraging words you would send to me. No matter what year, or season of my life, I must remember to give Him the Praise and Glory for His protection, Love and Grace He has poured out for us. What does tomorrow bring? Who knows, but let me be found in giving Him the Praise for it with joy. Isaiah 41:10

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