I love my life

Day 4 of 31 Days of October – Roses Among The Thorns

2013 fall9

Maybe you heard it or even said it yourself with that sarcastic tone of voice, “I love my life.”  Yeah,sure.

Could be I’ve thought it, but I’m not admitting to it here.

Truthfully, this is the only life I have, and this is the day I’ve been given.  The experiences of today will only come once and then they are gone.  I should engage all of my senses as the seconds tick away.

Shouldn’t my life be lived to the full?

So what does that look like, living life full?  I’m not sure I know the complete answer.  I do believe Jesus Christ came to give me life and that He meant for me to enjoy it.  All of it.

How do I do that?  A few things come to mind.

Be grateful.  It’s easy to fall into the pit of “poor me,” of comparing my life to another’s life that looks better.  Everyone has troubles.  No one is exempt.  We all have the challenge of looking for the grace and gifts given on a daily basis.

Smile.  It relieves the tautness of your face and it gives the people looking at you a break too.  The mere act of smiling can help relieve the stress you are carrying.

Listen to uplifting music.  Music can change my mood almost within the first few bars.  There is power in notes and words combined to point our hearts and minds upward.

Practice patience.  Be patient with yourself and others.   As one of my favorite blog writers so often reminds me, “Life is not an emergency.”  It’s OK if you’re not getting there as fast as you wish.  Enjoy the scenery.  It’s OK to go slow.  Enjoy the ride.

Cry sometimes.  Tears are a necessary release of pent-up emotions.  Tears are therapeutic and actually release toxins from the body.   It’s not about being strong; it’s about being human and real.

Worship.  Remember that there is a God who has this world in His powerful hands.  He is good and He has not left us alone.  He loves us.  Acknowledge Him and adore the wonder of His person.

The place I find myself right now is not where I would have chosen, but it is my life.  A gift. And I am thankful for it.  And yes, I do love life.  May I live it fully as a testimony to the Giver of all life.

2013 fall5

 Will you join me on my October journey as I challenge myself to write for 31 days?  I’d love to have you come along.

4 thoughts on “I love my life

  1. “Worship. Remember that there is a God who has this world in His powerful hands. He is good and He has not left us alone. He loves us. Acknowledge Him and adore the wonder of His person.”
    Oh, how true!
    Just when I think I am down in the pit, God appears on the sceen, encourages me, and gives me hope! He is the lifter of my head! Psalm 3:3-4

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