What’s really important?

Day 3 of 31 Days of October – Roses Among The Thorns

fall 2013 007

I ask myself that question often.   In the scope of life, what’s really important?  And I make choices based on my answer.  Sadly, some days I don’t choose well.  I focus on accomplishing things, the checking off of the every-present To Do list, and I sacrifice the eternal.

Some days I just do what comes next.  The next errand.  The next phone call.  The next meal.  The next potty break for the dog.  It’s all I can muster.

I think about ministry opportunities that are passing me by.  The Bible study I am not able to lead or even attend.  The volunteer work that is on hold.  The social connections I am not free to make right now.

Am I missing the “important work” I should be doing?  Or am I right where I am supposed to be?  I wonder.

I’m not sure of the answer to such quandaries about the universe and how it is supposed to progress.  I do know that this is my life, right here and right now, and I am to make the most of it by doing what is in front of me.   If that means being caregiver to Sweet William during another slow recovery, then let me do it with grace and kindness.  If it means stopping to chat with my neighbor as we walk our dogs, then let me listen well to her heart.  If it means saying a prayer and writing a note of encouragement when someone comes to mind, then let me do it faithfully.  If it means inviting someone in for a cup of  refreshment, then may my hospitality be more about my heart than my house.

This is where I am.  This is my field of labor.  In this place, at this time, to these people.  May I do it well.

And perhaps that is really what is important.

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Will you join me on my October journey as I challenge myself to write for 31 days?  I’d love to have you come along.

8 thoughts on “What’s really important?

  1. Sometimes all we can do is rest in God’s peace, and He says in His Word that He is enough for all we need. Every Friday night I go home from work knowing that me, this 71 yr. old woman who still has fire in her, will be alone. One co-worker says, “My husband and I are going out to eat and to the movies together tonight.” Another co-worker says, “My husband and I are getting together with a group of friends tonight.” My heart breaks knowing that I will be alone, searching for a good movie to watch on TV, or curled up with one of Francine Rivers books ( I dearly love her books). Am I really alone? The Lord says that He will never leave or forsake me, and He has done such miracles in my life that I praise Him for daily, and yet we humans were not meant to be alone. God made us in His image to be intimate and in fellowship with one another. I have not found the answer yet how to be alone with His joy comforting me, but I am seeking, and I know that He promises that if I seek Him with all my heart, I will find Him!

    • Shirley, you have such an honest heart. I too fight for contentment in my present situation with a husband who has many health issues; they have intensified the last three plus years. Paul said we learn contentment. I want to learn. You are trusting the Word of your Father and He honors that. May you feel His presence with you even in the quiet hours at home. You are not alone! I am also a Francine Rivers fan. So glad to meet another.

      • Dear Peggy,
        I can already see that there are going to be many beautiful roses that bloom from this 31 day journey – for all of us! One of those roses is friendship. I feel blessed to meet a new and precious friend named Peggy!

  2. Love you, dear Peggy!

    Thanks for the pictures of trees changing color, I miss that! Autumn is my favorite holiday and I miss the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and feels of the harvest season.

    Love to you as you remain faithful each day, Jodi

  3. We all can bear witness to your post Peggy…
    I still have a son with bi-polar issues… that will live me forever…We are doing so good…and have become friends as well as mother/son…but, you never know from day to day…what will change this “mood”…
    also have a Granddaughter living with us as she pursues college… and works two jobs…Just a change in our daily lives…
    Is this where I should be???…yes, we ask…these questions…
    and when nothing seems to change the situation…we accept and make the best of it!

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