The daily stuff

Day 2 of 31 Days in October

Some days it’s just the little things that get me, you know?

There are the tremendous and horrendous events that knock us off our feet, like a shooting at a high school too close to home.  Or an auto accident that leaves lives shattered.  Or a hurricane, wildfire, tornado (name the natural disaster) that leaves a path of ruins.

And we weep and we pray for those affected, and we wonder what is going on in this fallen world.

But sometimes it’s just the daily frustrations that can dizzy my focus.  Like today with me wanting a schedule all laid out.  But the stack on my desk is anything but organized.  And some visitors are due at 11 am, and a friend is stopping by, and the spilled coffee created a crises.  And some things just can’t be controlled.

And wouldn’t I at least like to get the laundry out of the middle of the hallway and the over-running trash can emptied, and a shower before noon would be really nice.

I throw out my so-called schedule.


My best laid plans go awry and what can I do about it?  I can give in to the frustrations.  I can let those little thorns hide the roses from my view.

Or I can count the blessings and look for the beauty in my interrupted day.  Interesting that another word for interruption is pause.  Yes, sometimes that is exactly what I need to do.  Pause.

I decide to turn this day over to the Master Planner who controls my moments and gives me each breath, the One who knew what was facing me today and stored up enough grace to match each surprise.  Each pause.

So I look for the roses, count it all joy, and I number the gifts in this day.

  • Sweet William was not burned when the coffee spilled and made a mess.
  • The washer and dryer make quick work of coffee-stained laundry.
  • The TV remote fell out of the clothes before they went into the washer.
  • The visitors offer an opportunity for ministry.
  • My sweet friend gifts us with her culinary delicacies while I struggle to get a meal on the table.
  • The beauty of this season catches my breath, and I know I am blessed.

The gifts from Heaven far outweigh the frustrations.  If I can just keep my rose-colored glasses from slipping down my nose or getting fogged, I’ll will be able to smile in my daily stuff.

2 thoughts on “The daily stuff

  1. I so relate to what you say! For the past few weeks at night when I am drifting off to sleep, my thoughts seem to go astray from the peace that God would want for me. All that is happening in the world today grieves my spirit, so I got out my book, “Heaven” by Randy Alcorn and began reading it again! My thoughts will be of Heaven as I sleep, and I will trust in the Lord for the world situation.

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