This is my life

I think I would like to live on the mountain top.  You know, the place where you feel exhilarated, where you celebrate your victories?  It’s the top of the climb when you have wrestled hard to get there.  And when you do, you sigh relief and you rejoice greatly.

The 40-day journey to Passover and Resurrection Weekend was like that for me.

It was a hard climb and hard work and sometimes I wondered what in the world I was thinking when I said I would joint-write for 40 days straight with my friend Robin.  And often I wondered where my words were going to come from.

But they came and I know from whence they came or should I say from Whom they came.  They were words of Truth, coming from the source of Truth.  I focused on the journey to the cross and the empty tomb.  And when I got to my destination, I celebrated the victory.  It was wonderful last week.

But we all know we cannot stay on the mountain.  We have to descend into the valley.

Moses came down from the mountain and one time found the just-delivered-from-slavery Hebrews dancing around a golden calf.  Elijah came down from Mt. Carmel and ran in fear for his life from a Jezebel of a woman and just wanting to die.

I sort of feel like them this week.  Angry.  Fearful.  Wondering what this life of mine is all about.  Sorry if I have burst anyone’s bubble about my human-ness.  I am oh so very aware of my feet of clay, my tendency toward self-incrimination, my sinful nature that fights with the Spirit of God living in me and wanting something better for me.

So after the mountain top experience of last week and the joy of Passover and Resurrection Weekend, I am being honest that this life of mine is sometimes a struggle.   Jesus warned me about that.  His encouraging words echo in my mind, “but be not afraid, I have overcome the world.”

I will cling to that.  And I will remember a different kind of 40-day experience, one where Jesus was tempted of the devil for 40 days in the wilderness.  After the meeting of wills of an accuser and a Savior and a victory win for the side of truth, then Jesus returned to Galilee in the power of the Spirit.

Oh yes, “in the power of the Spirit.”  That is what I want, my heart’s desire.  To walk in the power of the Spirit after the time of temptation and questions and accusations.

The power of the Spirit that is a promise guarantee of something better.

As I walk this valley for the number of days designated for me, I will expect grace.  I will fight for joy.  And I will look for the lilies.

lilies of the valley

5 thoughts on “This is my life

  1. I think your next writing journey should be from the resurrection/ascension or Passover, to the Day of Pentacost. Picture yourself kneeling, with your hands cupped together, and living water is flowing forth from your heart, down your arms into your hands. This water then flows into the hearts of others as you write. We are all human for sure and no doubt have our fleshly moments often, but remember, you are anointed as well!

    • Teri, you are encouraging to me today. I was thinking about the Feast of Pentecost and the fulfillment on the Day of Pentecost. There is a lot to say about that. And I very much like the word picture. Bless you!

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