The Passion of Christ

Day 29 of 40 Days to Passover and Resurrection Weekend

Watch The Passion movie. See yourself in the characters of self-righteous priests, the sinful woman, Judas the betrayer, the deserting disciples, and Peter denying the Lord.

The Passion

The first time I saw The Passion, I cringed at what I saw on screen, the meanness, the beating, the cruelty of those who arrested, tried, and crucified Jesus.  Director Mel Gibson made it all look more real than I had ever seen or could have imagined.  I walked out of the theater in silence, my face tear-stained and my mind reeling at what Jesus did for me.

I try to watch The Passion once a year around the Easter season.  I can only  bear to watch it once a year.

What stood out to me the first time was how I felt somehow akin to those players in the story, people like Judas, Peter, and Mary Magdalene.  I saw myself in them.  A betrayer.  A deny-er.  A sinner.  What I saw in Jesus’ eyes was love and longing and an offer of forgiveness.

How could he love me when I’ve failed Him so often?  Why does He long to be my friend and offer His sweet fellowship?  How can He forgive me again and again?  And again?

I don’t know the answers.  I only know He does.  He was passionate to do the Father’s will, to complete the plan, to die in my place.

He is the Savior I needed.  The Lover of my soul.  The High Priest who always intercedes on my behalf because I falter and fail so often. 

He is Jesus. 

We are over half way through our 40-day journey.  Come on along for the rest of it, won’t you?  

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