A witness on the door

Day 26 of 40 Days to Passover and Resurrection Weekend

Put a palm branch on your front door at home on Palm Sunday and leave it there all week.



I had a friend who was older and wiser then I whom I met when my one and only son was in fourth grade.  Nell Sanders Pike was his teacher, and she was a wise Christian woman whose roots went deep in the Methodist church.  Her father had pastor for many years.  The day he died was a Palm Sunday.  Each year thereafter on Palm Sunday, Mrs. Pike filled her church, Davidson Memorial United Methodist, with palms in honor of her father’s own triumphant entry into Heaven.

She always took a palm branch away with her that Sunday morning and pinned it to her front door to stay through the week until Easter.  Her fellow parishioners followed suit.

I adopted her idea several years later, especially after I began to study the significance of Passover and how prophecy was fulfilled during Jesus last week on this earth.  The palm branch began to represent victory and triumph.

The palm branch is beautiful and green when I press the tack into it to secure it to my front door.  By the end of the week it has become yellowed and dried, a bit symbolic of Jesus vital life being snuffed out in the prime of His life.

I like to think it is a witness to my neighbors as they by and see something different at my house.

And I’d like to think the outward sign reveals the heart of the home I share with Sweet William.  When people enter, I want them to feel welcome, at home, comfortable to be themselves.  I’ve had people tell me they felt peaceful when they came into our house.  I am amazeed at that, for surely it has to be the presence of Jesus, the Prince of peace, who brings that kind of atmosphere to us.

So as Palm Sunday approaches, gather ye some palm branches for your spring door decor.  Share them with a neighbor and share the gospel also.  Consider the triumph of our Lord Jesus Christ who has overcome the world.  His victory has made me free, and He has brought me peace.

If you are  Little Flock attender, stop by the Women’s Ministry area of Grand Central on Palm Sunday, April 13.  There will be a limited amount of palm branches and you are welcome to take one home. 

We are over half way through our 40-day journey.  Come on along for the rest of it, won’t you?  

If you would like to download a copy of the “40 Days to Passover and Resurrection Weekend, please do so.

40 days to Passover download

If you’d like information about the Passover Celebration at Little Flock, visit here.


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