Thoughts on retirement

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People have asked me “How is retirement?”  Any why not?  I’ve been retired (partly) for a full month and a few days.  I’m an authority.

But really, I am considering the changes that have occurred since January 17th,  I’m still trying to find the rhythm of being in this season of my life.

Thus far these are my thoughts on being retired.

  • There are still sheets to change, clothes to wash, meals to cook and dishes to clean up.  The saying is true, a woman’s work is never done.
  • I find that the two days I teach my piano students are still busy, and I’m too often rushing to complete tasks before lessons begin.  Needing a rhythm here.
  • I still get up early.  It seems natural, and I enjoy watching the sun rise.  But then I also go to bed early.
  • I love that I can linger a little longer over my Bible study, my secret time with Jesus.
  • I stay in my pajamas a little too long some days.
  • It is a good thing to shower, put on a little make-up and style my hair every day even when there is no place to go.
  • Sweet William and our little Buddy dog like me being home more.  They may be getting a bit spoiled.
  • It’s nice to eat breakfast in leisure with Sweet William.
  • Afternoon coffee is still a treat.
  • I am practicing the piano more and enjoying it tremendously.
  • I’ve said “no” to some things and “yes” to others.  I’m learning to be careful about my answers.
  • I’m heeding others’ warnings that retired life can become just as busy as work-a-day life.
  • My mind is not as frantic as it used to be.  I’m traveling in the slow lane a little more.
  • While I’ve almost always had older women in my life as role models, suddenly now I’m the “older woman.” I realize this is a grave responsibility.
  • People are the most important thing.  Giving them my time and a listening ear is one thing I can offer.
  • Ministry opportunities are ever present, and very often it is around the table, whether in my kitchen, someone else’s, or a restaurant.
  • God has designed my life and even now He has plans.  I want to be aware of it and be cooperative with it.

The Almighty knows me.  He has His eye on me.  He has surrounded me with Himself.  His hand rests lovingly on me.  I cannot escape Him nor do I want to.  His plan for me was written long ago.  He thinks about me always.  (Psalm 139)

This journey forward is an adventure.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on retirement

  1. Hi Peggy, I’m not quite ready to retire, yet. I am very lucky, since Chuck’s retirement, that he cooks, washes clothes, & keeps
    the house relatively clean. I would rather work than do those things. I’m afraid I will get too lazy and just lay around all day. Maybe in a year
    or two, I might “want” to retire, but not yet. Bless you and William and let Him keep guiding you to be where you need to be. Love you!

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