our wedding jan 21 1972, 2

Forty-two years ago I said “I do”.  I didn’t really know what I was saying “I do” to.  Does anyone?  They who stand at the altar in the perfect dress and the pressed tux with shiny shoes while love songs are playing and friends and family are smiling, they have no idea.

We didn’t either, Sweet William and I.

But we meant what we said and we said what we meant and were determined to be faithful one hundred percent. 

It wasn’t easy.

But today, on this our 42nd wedding anniversary, we are thankful for the commitment.  The promise we made was God-ordained, and He kept us from falling.

And we are thankful, counting it grace, counting it a gift.

Because love is still love no matter what it endures or how many bumps are in the road or how we felt we were drowning at times.

If you ask me was it worth the fight, I will say “yes” with a resounding shout.

To young couples, old couples, any married couple I encourage you, don’t give up.  Fight for the covenant you made.  Get help.  Make changes.  Give grace.  Forgive and don’t hold a grudge.  Move toward each other not away.  Remember love.  Pray hard.

So I re-post from a few years ago, because it’s worth saying again.


I remember catching you look at me when you thought I wasn’t looking.  But I was.

I remember when you asked me out, hesitant that I might say no.  I didn’t.

I remember when you first reached for my hand and how it felt encircled in yours.

I remember the first tender kiss by the gate.

I remember falling in love with you and never quite recovering from it.

I remember waiting for your call and hoping it would last awhile.

I remember walking down the aisle and having eyes only for you.

I remember the newlywed days that were replaced with the young parent days that were replaced with real life days.

I remember the struggles, the tears, the pain, the laughter, the joy.

I remember when it all began to fall apart, and we were afraid.

I remember how God gave us a second chance when no one else did.

I remember how our love bloomed again and became a bouquet I never thought possible.

Now it is today.  And I love you more than I did when I first remembered.

Happy Anniversary Sweet William.

Bill and Peg, dad's 90th

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