Wonderstruck – the journey

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A journey is always exciting.  But it comes to an end.

Our Wonderstruck Bible study ended Wednesday with celebration.  We climbed the stairs to the upper room once more to open God’s Word and discover His wonders.  As we reviewed our weeks together, we found that we were living with eyes wide open more now than when the journey started.

Here is a recap of the weeks of our study.

  • The wonder of rest was challenging for us.  We are a busy people with schedules to keep and places to go.  Carving out time and space for rest is not something we are accustomed to.  But it is a wonder God gives us ever week.  Though each of us are in different stages of our lives, from young mothers with small children to widows living alone and all the in-between, we can find a season to refresh.  The fact that our bodies and minds need rest reminds us that we are not gods who can keep going 24/7.  Our Heavenly Father is the One who keeps watch in the night.
  • Prayer is still a mystery to me though I’ve studies it for years.   The chapter on the wonder of prayer gave us a fresh vision of the Lord’s Prayer.  As we examined the prayers of Jesus, I was amazed at His confident words, His brevity at times, and His last prayer before the crucifixion when He prayed for me.  For me!  What a wonder!
  • As we studied the wonder of friendship, I agreed with Margaret Feinberg that friends are Heaven-sent gifts.  We treasure and nurture them, and sometimes we must have The Difficult Conversation in order to repair the friendship and allow it to flourish.
  • I confess that I was convicted during our week’s focus on forgiveness.  As I continue to learn about the wonder of forgiveness, I realized there were still areas that needed my attention.  Amazing how the Holy Spirit will shine His light into the dark areas of our lives to clean out, clear away, and bring His fresh breezes into our hearts.

I always get so much from a Bible study where women (and one brave man) gather to learn, to share, to open their hearts to God and one another.   Relationships are born and friendships are strengthened.  It is melancholy when it is too quickly finished.

Wonderstruck taught us to look for the wonders of God all around us, everyday moments when He reveals Himself, sometimes merely whispering and other times astonishing us with His power.

We have been changed.  We long to behold the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty God, the everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

Isn’t He wonderful?

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Just a few of our study partners.

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