Wonderstruck and technical difficulty

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In the upper room at Little Flock Baptist Church, we gathered for our second week of Wonderstruck.  This week’s class was different.

It started good, sharing the wonders we had observed, how living with our eyes wide open changed our perspective and view of life.  The small gold threads on our wrist were significant reminders to look for God’s activity and were an opportunity to witness when someone asked about them.

Things were going smoothly until I pressed the remote to start session two of the video.  It would not play session two.  The DVD player skipped back to session one or skipped forward to session three no matter how hard we tried to program it for session two.

Frustration.  Tension.  Stress.

In the background was gentle laughter from the sweet women who were patiently waiting for us to get it right.  We never did.

Finally, Steven, Little Flock’s answer to all things computer related, came to our rescue and determined it was a faulty DVD player and not operator error.

Sigh.  And thanksgiving that my Father goes before me and knows what will happen before I get there.

I had just that morning watched the video again so Margaret Feinberg‘s words were fresh in my mind.  Without the benefit of Margaret’s winsome way of sharing the Gospel, I proceeded anyway, talking about Job and the questions he asked after his life fell apart,  His possessions all gone, his children tragically killed, and no one there to offer a comforting word, Job asked God why.

Just like Job, I’ve had questions too.  A lot of them.

Why is this happening to us?  What’s the purpose in it all?  How long is this trial going to last?  Where are you God?

Toward the end of book of Job, out of a whirlwind God makes Himself known to this poor soul lying in his pain.   And the Lord Almighty has some questions of His own.

Where were you when I established the earth? . . . Who fixed its dimensions? . . . Who stretched a measuring line across it? . . . 
Or who laid its cornerstone while the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy?

He answered a question with a question.

Margaret’s teaching pointed me to the only question that matters, the Who question.  Who is sovereign?  Who is creator?  Who is in control of my life?

Who is like the Lord?

Ah, the wonder of discovering Who God is in the middle of my questions!

All my answers become insignificant when I see the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth Who does not grow weary with me but instead extends grace, Who knows the way that I take, Who loves me with an everlasting love, Who laid down His life for me, Who is working all things for my good, and Who is preparing a place for me.

The answers to all my questions are found in Him alone.

rose of sharon

3 thoughts on “Wonderstruck and technical difficulty

  1. How true….Why do we find it so hard to see Him for all He is . He is all things….Life seems to have a way of getting in front of all we do….It is time for all His children to stop and find Him and let everything else go. Have a blessed day my friend.

  2. Hello and thank you for visiting me and leaving a comment 🙂

    The music pumpkins have vintage sheet music from my mom’s piano lesson days on them. They’re from my Etsy shop. They are really easy to make and I’ve seem some tutorials on Pinterest… I just used sheet music instead of book pages 🙂

    Have a blessed day!

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