On being Wonderstruck

Almost three years ago exactly, I started this blogging journey because of a Bible study by Kelly Minter.  It was the story of Ruth, her life, her loss, her love, and her legacy.  My trip has been a wild one with the ups and downs, highs and lows of my own life.  Along the way, I’ve examined and revealed my life.  I’ve shared my loss.  I’ve been held up by love.  My legacy is yet to be seen.

students and blog pictures, aug '13 008

So at this three-year mark, I begin another Bible study at the start of the Autumn season with its promise of change and beauty.

Last night I climbed the stairs to the upper room at Little Flock Baptist Church for the first class of Wonderstruck by Margaret Feinberg.  I was rewarded by over two dozen beautiful women and one brave man.

Margaret’s writings were new to me until I dove into the preparations over a month ago.  Her words spoke truth to my heart.  My excitement grew.  My eyes began to awaken to the wonder of God.  And I anticipated sharing this joy with others.

As we gathered together in Christ’s name last night, we talked about a Wonderful God who issues an invitation to us.  We were reminded that Jesus wants to meet us, to reveal Himself to us, and that He wants to surprise us.

We were encouraged to simply ask to see the wonder of God, to open our eyes to His activity all around us, to awaken to His nearness and to live with the divine expectation that He really is going to show up for those who want to see.

students and blog pictures, aug '13 011We tied tiny gold threads on our wrists to remind us to look for His activity throughout our days.  And we prayed for Wonder.

I love Margaret’s description in her book by the same title that “This isn’t a passive expectation but an active one, the kind prompting us to elbow our way to Jesus knowing he longs to meet us with a hearty embrace and sometimes even twirl us through the air.” (pg 27)

I’ve been seeing God’s wonders lately, more than before because i am looking for Him, praying for Wonder,  And He is not disappointing me.

He longs to share Himself with me.  With you.  Let’s open our eyes, be amazed, see His glory!

If you are in our neck of the woods and want to join us on Wednesdays, know that you are welcome.

Come expecting the Divine.

If you are a class participant, please share your stories, the Wonders you are seeing, and the joy of God revealing Himself to you.

And of course, I always love hearing from other readers.  You bless me and humble me beyond words.

6 thoughts on “On being Wonderstruck

    • Margaret, It is a joy to share your study and thoughts with a class of beautiful women and one brave man. We are looking for the wonders of God together. And I know He will not disappoint us.

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