Being faithful

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Blog pictures 2 029Father,

I want to be a faithful woman, a faith-filled women.  Sometimes I am not.

When my heart is broken wide open and pouring out its own anguish, I feel far away from You, like I wonder where You are.

But haven’t I read Your very own words?  You are near to the broken-hearted, close to the crushed in spirit.

I pray.  Sometimes the prayers seem to hit a brass heaven.  Do you hear me?

Then I remember:  You hear my cry for help.

Well, I have cried a lot of tears, a bucketful probably.

Do you really keep my tears in a bottle?   They must be important to You.

I wonder about Your plan and question, “What are You doing?”

Your reply is to point me to hope and a future.

But I don’t understand it.   And I cannot see how it is all going to work out.

You tell me You are working all things together for my good.

And I ask, “But how?”

You patiently tell me Your ways are too high for me to grasp and Your thoughts are beyond my comprehension.

I fear my faith is small.  I bow low and pray, “Lord, I believe.  Help my weak faith to grow.”

Father, I  choose to trust Your words.  I determine to believe they are true.  I acknowledge Your sovereignty over me and Your love for me.

It is small act of faith.  Like  a little mustard seed. And I feel You making me stronger somehow.

Growing me into a faithful woman.

How is your faith growing?

I love hearing from  you.

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7 thoughts on “Being faithful

  1. Yes…I do feel my faith is growing…How do I know??? …just by the feeling within my heart I guess…That doesn’t mean…I don’t wonder at times of why?
    when? how? now? later?
    but, my belief comes in baby steps…following the oNE who I know hears me when others don’t…I too feel not worthy at times…but, remember HE found me…I remember the day…where…and it has been a growing process ever since…
    It is so hard staying strong and steadfast…but, we know it’s the best way…I know not what tomoorrow brings…but, without the faith I have I wouldn’t endure…and I know you feel the same…
    anytime you need to share…I am here!
    love, Marilyn

  2. Sometimes where are surprised by God, even in our talents. We never realize until we use it. I am referring to our talents to write and compose words.

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