Who am I?



I’ve worn a few hats in my work-a-day-for-a-paycheck life, professionally speaking. Personally, I’ve been daughter, niece, cousin, wife, mother, mother-in-law, friend. But the one that tenders my heart the most is being grandmother.

Just this week, the one and only son brought his family from their Tulsa home to visit for a few days. Just a few short days. Not nearly enough days. But I will take what I can get.

As they came in the door, there was a sudden invasion of joy brought by five precious souls, and this house was full again. Full of talk and catching up. Full of games, toys and laughter. Full of kids running in and out. And hugs! Lots of hugs.

Tucking sleepy heads into beds was my privilege. Cooking meals to fill hungry tummies was not work but pleasure. Keeping the coffee pot full and hot was no chore at all.

The few days went by too swiftly.

Already they are gone. Out the door, into the SUV, and down the road before I can hardly blot the tears from my eyes.

For me the time is too short and the distance is too long.  Because those three precious grandchildren and I, we share something that cannot be explained. 

If you are a grandmother, you know what I mean.

I am very much a relational woman. I love my family and friends.  I gladly make room in my heart for one or two or many more, and I feel rich because of these precious gifts from God above.

But this grandmother thing, it’s just something not easily described in words. It is deep like the ocean.  It is like priceless ancient treasure while being fresh and new each time the children and I are together.

In honor of the three stars that shine in my sky, the sunshine that drives away my rain clouds, the faces that melt me every single time,  I will tell you who I am.

I’m the . . .

  • Bubble blowing – wagon towing
  • Game playing – “be kind” saying
  • Story telling – letter mailing
  • Walking, biking, sometimes hiking
  • Lesson teaching – WORD “preaching”
  • Favorite book reading – hungry tummy feeding
  • Sometimes singing – Front yard swinging
  • Together chatting – love patting
  • Picture taking – cookie making
  • Apron wearing – Popsicle sharing
  • Hug giving – Christ living
  • House cleaning – crock pot beaning
  • Clothes washing – dish washing
  • Kid washing – foot washing
  • Dinner fixing – pies a-mixing
  • Table setting – doggie petting
  • Swim time taking – fall leaves raking
  • Movie time snuggling – sleepy head tucking
  • Bible reading – Flower seeding
  • Journal writing – bird nest sighting
  • Papaw loving – grandkids loving 
  • Others loving, loving, loving 
  • Whisper praying – blessing saying
  • Chair rocking – Time tick-tocking


“Grandchildren are like a crown to older people.”  Proverbs 17:6 (NIRV)”

Are you a grandmother?  Do you know what I mean?  Please tell me I’m not alone.

12 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Oh…yes my three are my joy…I relate totally…Everything is a buzz as soon as they hit the door…and the quietness later leaves you with an emptiness for awhile hard to explain…So glad you had your “joy” with you for those couple of days…It leaves you with little memories that make you smile off and on for days…~mkg

  2. I truly understand. My grandbabies are just so special too. They put joy in this Mamaws heart every day. So glad your family was here for a visit, what a blessing.

  3. There is nothing like a kiss or hug or a special talk with your grandchild. Mine are teenagers now and those things aren’t as frequent. So they are a wonderful thing when they happen. Peggy I weep for you when you miss yours so. Hope Bill is improving.

  4. Peggy, I have 6 grandchildren from the age of 9 month twin girls to a 15 year old. There is nothing like being a Grammy, mine call me Honey since Logan started calling me that at around age 16 months. I miss mine so much distants is the hardest thing in life having to live away from my family can bring tears to my eyes every time I think about them more than a couple of seconds during the day. I love when they come to visit since I can spend all my time with my precious babies. I’m so happy you enjoyed your family ever waking second. Hope you and Bill are doing well.

  5. Joy and sadness. It’s really strange feeling them both at the same time as we wait for God to make another way. LU

  6. I was blessed to have all three together in June for a camping trip to Barren River. It was a lovely thing to wake up in the morning and see three blonde heads stacked in the three bunks in our travel trailer. It was a special time. All too soon it was over and we had to take one of them to the airport and watch as she headed back to Texas. A deep void exists where three people should sit when we have a family meal. The sweet time comes when one of my two girls that live here ask if they are coming over today. They, to, think they should still live just around the corner. Two of my little angels are here often brightening my day. I think they do the same for you from time to time. Aren’t they a blessing?

    • I understand the feeling, Anna, of missing one or two or three at the table. You understand the loss of having your grandchild close for so many years, then suddenly she isn’t there. I’m thankful your other two blondes are close by to fill part of emptiness. And yes, they are such a blessing. I love getting a surprise hug when I see them at church, at LFCA, or the sweet times when they come visit for awhile. The toys are glad too.

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