The To-Do List

So how are those New Year resolutions going for you?

A lot of folks have abandoned one or more of them by now.  The vow to eat healthier is taking a beating tonight at some Super Bowl Party.  Getting more exercise got sidetracked when the weather just didn’t cooperate and the power walk was canceled.  Staying organized started well but now it’s tax time and trying to get all that paperwork together has taken priority.

You might remember that I did not make my normal list of  wonderful goals for 2012 that usually take up a couple of pages in my planner.  Life has just been too uncertain, too complicated, driven by the winds of adversity more than the sail of my own plan and purpose.  But I read something that caught my attention when it comes to finishing tasks and feeling that I’ve accomplished something. 

So I present here a To-Do List I can actually complete.      

  • Hit the snooze button, several times.
  • Fix coffee.  Drink it hot and strong with half and half cream.
  • Sit in the rocker with the hot pad at my back while I have my quiet time with Bible in hand.
  • Shower and wash my hair.
  • Match my socks to my pants.
  • Listen to the radio on the way to work.
  • Chat with co-workers.
  • Open email and respond to most of them.
  • Eat something.
  • Go home sooner or later.
  • Feed the dog, the cat, the husband, and myself.
  • Go to bed with a good book.
  • Kiss Sweet William on his fuzzy cheek (he is sporting a full beard these days).

Yes sirree bob!  This is a list I can take care of and check off as completed.

Have a great day!   Hope you enjoyed this “just for fun” post.

2 thoughts on “The To-Do List

  1. My kind of list too. With my lifes daily uncertain out comes here lately…..I’ve pitched the list in the can. I don’t know about tomorrow I just live from day to day. singing my song and praising God for his plan. My Father knows best!!!!

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