I heard voices this week.

Actually I talked to my grandchildren on Sunday and thanked God for unlimited long distance.

I remember when Sweet William and I were dating.  He lived in Louisville and I in Shepherdsville.  It cost long distance phone rates for him to call me.   So those calls were few and limited.  We usually had 5 or 10 minutes to say all the things on our minds and hearts.  It wasn’t nearly long enough.

So to be able to call and talk for over an hour on the phone was a bit of heavenly bliss.  Bill and I got on each extension of our home land line.  We asked each of the children about their days, their rooms, their school work, the church they visited and their neighborhood.  We got to hear about the neighbors, the parks close by, and friends who live a few blocks away.  We heard about their daddy’s work and how amazing it is. 

We finished each conversation by sending air kisses across the lines.  I almost felt hugged.

Then our sweet daughter-in-love got on the phone.  We chatted about their new home, her yard sale finds, the decorating, the front porch she loves, the comfy coffee nook near the kitchen.  I heard contentment in her voice.  She is with her man and her children, and right now that is enough. 

I hung up the phone and felt filled up on the inside.  Oh there is still a deep longing, a loneliness in knowing they are so far away.  But I have heard their voices and experienced their emotions and laughed with them.

In our technological era where new gadgets appear on the market faster than I can learn the old ones, we are quickly becoming a messaging community.  Email and texting are replacing voice to voice communication. 

I appreciate the benefit of quick unencumbered messages that get to the point and are sent faster than a speeding bullet.  For work related issues, I love email.  It is efficient, and I like efficient.

But for the loves of my life I still prefer conversation, face to face and voice to voice.  Nothing takes the place of that.

Communication is God-designed and recorded in the very first chapters of God’s wonderful story.  He talked to the humans He had formed.  He called for them when they hid themselves from Him.  And I wonder how God felt when that happened, when those  he lovingly made and to whom He had given all the earth didn’t want to be near Him or hear His voice.

I find it interesting that the cravings we have for relationships were created by our Creator.  He understands our longings because He put them there.  I contemplate how man was made in the image of God and that we are relational because God is relational.

He desires communication with me just like I desire communication with those I love.  Face to face, voice to voice.  His Word to my heart.  My prayers to His.  Nothing else takes the place of that.

3 thoughts on “Conversations

  1. Just a little talk with Jesus, let us tell him all about it our sorrows, he will hear our faintest cry and he’ll answer bye and bye……Yes just a little talk with Jesus makes it alright. It doesn’t always change the situation or make it go away but it gives us comfort knowing that he cares and has a plan, and that he is working all things for good to us who love him and are called according to his purpose. I loved this today Peggy. The Lord may sometimes say,” Oh its you again.” I’ve done a lot of questioning in the prayers I’ve prayed and also much whinning. Reguardless I know he cares and listens….He has it under control when I feel things are out of control at times. I know he loves me and wants to share my tears.I feel his love extended when we talk. I loved this today…Blessings. Elaine.

  2. Install Skype on both of your computers. It is free (if you don’t have a camera on your monitor you can buy it separately). I love that I can see my daughter in Germany. She uses her laptop and gives me tours of her new place and the yard. It is fun and makes up just a little the fact that I can’t see her in person very often. I talk to my mom in North Carolina and when Michael was in Germany I could talk to him too without international phone rates!

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