Five Minute Friday: A few of my favorite things

Speaking of taxes as I was yesterday, I’d like to say that sometimes I gasp when I look at my paycheck stub and compare the gross pay with my actual take-home.  Where does all that money go that is collected and given to the United States government?

But rather than complain, I want to list some of the benefits I derive from my taxes.  After all, the authority of the government is a gift from God.

For these things I am thankful:

The public library.  I frequent it quite often, enough that most of the staff at the front desk know me by first and last name.  It could also be that I reserve books and movies on-line a lot.  I find something I want at the library, put a hold on it through the website, and the staff pulls it and has it waiting for me.  What could be better?

The Fire Department.  I am personally acquainted with two firemen, Dustin and Steven, and they are two of the nicest and most efficient guys anyone could know.   If I have a fire or an emergency of any kind, I would feel so much better if either of them were on the job to help.

The Police.  Though I’ve been stopped for speeding twice in my life and was not happy about it at the time, I am still so grateful there are men and women who risk their lives to keep me and my family safe every day.

Medical care for children.  There are many who don’t earn enough to pay for medical insurance for their families.  My taxes help to ensure that children have the medical attention they need without creating a financial hardship on lower income families.

Well, that’s my five minutes for this Friday.

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4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: A few of my favorite things

  1. I got my very first library card when I was 4 years old. I have been a library junkie every place I have lived. I have lived a lot of places. 😉 And I have gotten my kids to love, love, love libraries every place we have lived.

    • I visited your blog and liked your “About” and calling yourself a boy mom. I am an one-boy mom and loved every minute of it. He is a father of his own boy now and a godly man. I thank God for stealing his heart away. May God bless you as you raise warrior sons for the Kingdom.

  2. I like your list. We so often take these services for granted and forget that the reason we pay taxes is so we can have them. We moved out the country a two years ago and were totally stunned that there is no local police–apparently property values have dropped so much in this area and not enough money is coming through in taxes to be able to support township police or even a reasonably close sherrifs department. We do have state police but they are over half an hour away in another county, and won’t come unless it is a dire emergency. A little disconcerting to say the least! (coming by from five minute fridays…)

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