It has been a tiring week, though I have not done much physical work.  How is it that sitting in a hospital waiting room or intensive care unit can take so much out of  a person?  I have been weary each evening, yet sleep did not come easily.  Concern for Sweet William has taken its toll on me this week.

I have felt the prayers of family and friends, giving me strength to keep going, being able to put one foot in front of the other.  Right now there isn’t anything more important than being there for Bill.

Sickness and suffering, be it my own or a family member, brings life into perspective, doesn’t it?  The things I work so hard for, the stuff that I spend time taking care of, what I think will bring me satisfaction quickly fade into the background when life hangs in the balance.

When I first heard that Bill had three very blocked arteries, I bent low to his face and said, “I’m thankful you are alive.”

Let this be a reminder to all of us.  It is the people around us, those God has given us, that are most important.  All else will decay and eventually vanish.  But not so with the people who have eternal souls living on into eternity somewhere.  The greatest investment I can ever make is not to my 401K.  It is the investment I make into the hearts and lives of those I love.

And the payoff?  It’s out of this world!

2 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Sitting in the intensive care unit will try the hardiest of people because it is so emotionally draining! The first time I saw my dad in there hooked up to all those tubes after his open heart surgery I almost passed out.

    Peggy, I sincerely love your posts. You have such a heart of a teacher and see almost every situation as an opportunity to share how Jesus is working within it. All of them are so encouraging. I really hope you are saving them all to eventually have professionally bound into a book. I would buy it in a heartbeat as would many others!

    I have been working on costumes for 2 skits (4 angels, 2 Goliaths and 21 animals for Lion King) for children’s church so I haven’t been online very much. As soon as I get a DVD of the skits I’m going to post them on my blog along with pictures of the costumes. It has been fun creating them. Now I need to go clean up all the fake fur in my basement!

    Bill will be fine and I’m going to mail you some health books! It’s a struggle I have been in the midst of myself for a very long time to lose weight and get into some semblance of shape again. Lots of veggies are in your near future!

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