The month of love ~


Have you noticed the commercials already prompting, even pressuring us to buy things, candy, flowers, and expensive jewelry for Valentine’s Day? Haven’t we just been through the Christmas buy-a-thon less than 6 weeks ago?

I looked up the history of Valentine’s Day and found in Wikipedia that there were several fellows named Valentine who were martyred for their Christian faith. There isn’t much more known about them except the place where their remains, uh, remain. I’m sorry, but I’m not getting the connection from the Saints Valentine boys and this heart and flower romantic stuff.

Don’t get me wrong, I love romance as much as the next chick on the block. But does February have to be about romantic love? Where does that leave the single, the widowed, the divorced?   What about the teen who doesn’t fit in with the crowd and may not have a beau?  She gets enough pressure to be and look and act a certain way without this added burden to her already defeated self-esteem.

So I’m suggesting we try a different approach to this month of love. Why not begin showing love to more than just one special person in your circle? Why not, even, go beyond and reach out to people outside your circle?

What if we made it a point to shower people with love, no matter on what road we happen to meet them? I’m game if you are.

Let’s do some random acts of love this month and shock the socks off some folks.

Here are some suggestions to get us started.

  • Write a real note of appreciation to someone. I don’t mean send an email. I mean a piece of paper with your handwriting on it. Mail it or hand deliver it so he or she can hold it, keep it, and read it again as a reminder that someone said “thanks.”
  • Give to someone for the pure joy of giving, not because you expect something in return.
  • Clean up someone else’s mess or do the dishes when it isn’t your turn.
  • Carry a package.  Hold the door open.  Smile and look into the person’s eyes.
  • Listen, really listen, without doing something else.  Ladies, that means no multi-tasking.  Men that means turn down the TV.
  • Give an honest compliment or say something nice like “I’m glad you are my friend” or “You’re fun to be with.”

Well, that is enough to get us started. Maybe you will think of your own random acts of love and carry through with them.

I do hope you will share your stories with me. And I’ll share mine with you.

3 thoughts on “The month of love ~

  1. Since I was married February 1…42 years ago…It really is the month of love for me…also my Grandson was born this month…but,I truly understand what you mean…we do need to show our love through our actions instead of “Things”…good writings Peggy!

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