But for grace!

 It’s Sunday, a day I love to enjoy. Briefly let me sum up what penetrated my heart today. It is all about grace, saving grace, amazing grace, nothing but grace!

The songs, the sermon, the skit at church this morning communicated this theme, that we are saved by grace and grace alone. Not by good works of our own puny efforts, but by the grace provided by Jesus’ death on the cross. That wonderful lesson put joy in my heart today and will until the day I leave this earth clothed in Christ’s grace.

Today I give you a song, the one sung with conviction and power by members of Little Flock’s worship team. It sums up my testimony.

If Not For Your Grace”

  by Israel Houghton and Aaron Lindsey

Where would I be if not for your grace? Carrying me in every season.

Where would I be if not for Your grace? You came to my rescue

And I want to thank You for Your grace.

Grace that restores, grace that redeems, grace that releases me to worship.

Grace that repairs visions and dreams, grace that releases miracles.

Your grace – Your grace –

Have you experienced this wonderful grace? Leave a comment and let’s share our joy.

5 thoughts on “But for grace!

  1. Grace that relesaes miracles, Just the assurance I’ve been praying for.is exactly what Gods word assured me of today. Grace that restores vision , and releases from sin and shame. Grace is a gift, that we have to open up to recieve its blessing. Its free and cost me nothing, but cost him everything. Nothing I’ve ever done, or will do afforded me that grace. I was so blessed by that reminder. Why did he love me so? I’m so thankful for Grace and the reminder today. Bless you, Peggy.

  2. I’m going to give you quick lesson if it is okay from Rick Joyner’s book, There Were Two Trees in the Garden. His book says it better than I am here so read it if you want some really cool teaching! When Adam was made, it was from dust. When the serpent was cursed, God said he would eat dust. This is a prophetic statement of Satan gaining his power through our carnal flesh (as it was made from dust). Now, onward to the offerings of Cain and Abel. Abel offered a blood sacrifice which was accepted because the life is in the blood. Cain offered fruits from the soil (dust) which is a picture of our own efforts to please God. It wasn’t accepted because it is only through grace that we are saved!

    • What a really cool lesson, Teri. I love the anology about dust. Yes that is our sin nature, where Satan attacks us. How often I want it to be “all about me.” May God crush that under His foot.

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