Left to wait

 I learned something not long ago. Actually it was revealing. Let me tell you about it.

I waited for someone the other day. I made an appointment, called and confirmed the time and place. Normally, when I know I may have to wait for any length of time, I bring a magazine or book so I am not “wasting time.”

But this day, I didn’t think to bring anything with me.   So there I sat at McDonald’s on Blue Lick Road, drinking coffee while watching and waiting for her. But she didn’t show up, nor did she call to tell me why.  I was disappointed, hurt, frustrated.

Here is the revealing part. I thought of how many times I had left my Lord waiting for me – the One who redeemed me from my debt of sin, paid the ultimate price for my soul, and offered me His friendship. Many times, I made plans to meet Him, then I let something else get in the way, or simply forgot.  I have canceled too many appointments or put other things first.

Other things. How many times have I let other things get between God and me?

I have just started a Bible study by Kelly Minter (remember her from the Ruth study?). The title is No Other Gods.  Today’s study got me to thinking about any functional gods I have let become too important in my life.

What other things could be more important than my relationship with Jesus? The way that relationship deepens and grows is by spending time with him.

David said, “O God, thou art my God; early will I seek Thee: my soul thirsts for thee, my flesh longs for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is . . .” (Psalm 63:1)

The priority of keeping my early morning appointments with my Savior and Lord cannot be stressed enough. Especially as I  consider the incredible thought that He looks forward to meeting with me.  I do not want to disappoint Him again.


Please leave a comment.  I enjoy getting to know you when you put your thoughts into words.

10 thoughts on “Left to wait

  1. Peggy, I always enjoy reading your blogs. I don’t know how you do it. Your thoughts are always what I need. Keep them coming!

  2. Wow. This really made me stop and realize I am guilty of the same thing. I remember one time waiting in a restaurant for a lady who was supposed to meet me there. I waited for quite some time and she never showed up nor called (this was before cell phones). I remember how disappointed in her I was that she never showed. Lord, I am sorry that I am guilty for doing this to you as well.

  3. Its hard for me to wait too. I am, as I am sure you know a planner too. I have my daily agenda usually mapped out.It’s okay for me to change it, but I don’t like others to change my plan, especially if they haven’t informed me of the change.Frustrated thats the word I would use. I am learning, slowly I might say, that its not my plans but Gods. He really doesn’t always reveal to use what he is doing ahead of time. I wonder if he sometimes gets frustrated with us. I am really bad about questioning him. Why Lord.I wonder if he wants to say..Elaine,” Because I said so, I am God don’t question me.” I know he knows my heart, he made me that different one. The one that need an explanation. It’s wonderful to know that he love me, enough to give me a written explaination in his word. I am the one he knows will seek out that answer…..Good word Peggy. Off to search for some answers to my morning questions. blessings

  4. Peggy – Thanks for sharing that. You called us all out on that one! May we all that the commitment that the Lord wants from us seriously.
    Thanks. Bless you. Shelly : )

  5. I just asked my son if he has ever been stood up by a friend or date and then read your devotion to him. He responded, “You think of how embarrassed you are when that happens. I don’t know if God gets embarrassed or not but just think—we are doing that to a King. We get so mad at other people for doing things wrong that because of self-focus, we don’t realize we do too.”

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