On blogging

My Sweet William teases me and says if he had a blog, he would go see a doctor about it.

This blogging thing is challenging and fun, if nothing else.  Who would have thought people would be sharing their inner thoughts with the world wide web.  I’ve been a journal writer for a number of years.  It is often therapy for me to record events and my thoughts about them.  I’ve poured out my heart in my journals, vented my frustrations, written heartfelt prayers, and listed daily joys and blessings.

I’ve written stories about my grandchildren, my husband, my father and mother, my family and friends.  I keep thinking maybe one day I’ll have a story good enough to send to a magazine.

My blog started from a Bible study I began leading last September.  It sort of took on a life of its own when the study was over.

I really appreciate those who read the blog and then leave a comment.  It makes the whole experience worthwhile.  Without the comments I wonder if I am talking to myself, which I have been known to do on many occasions.

I’m still very new at blogging and have much to learn.

If you have an interest in starting your own blog, or taking your blog to another level, I recommend you read my cousin’s website, CandiMay.com.  Candi started blogging before I knew what blogging was.  She helped me embark on  my adventure and encourages me to keep at it.  She is currently blogging about how to blog.  I am certainly going to follow her and pick up more tips and advice.

Thinking of trying your hand, I mean your computer keypad at blogging?  Then check out Candi’s web site with me.  You’ll be in for a good read.  And together we might just learn something.

One thought on “On blogging

  1. Thanks for the blogging about me. I know exactly what you mean about comments. People are reluctant to comment and yet that is the only true way we know if we are being of value to our readers.
    I am working on learning about getting more comments to my blog. And of course you know I will post about it LOL

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