2011 projections

I wonder if your menu on New Year’s Day included black-eyed peas and cabbage?  Tradition tells us if we eat certain foods on this day we will be prosperous.  If we don’t eat the appropriate dishes, we can expect a hard year financially. 

Having discovered that vegetables really don’t have the gift of prophecy, I still fixed bean soup (a substitute for the peas), pork, and cabbage on January 1. 

I grew up hearing a lot of old sayings quoted at the approriate season or activity.  One of them was “Whatever you do on New Year’s Day is what you will be doing the rest of the year.”

Well, I spent my New Year’s Day doing the following:

  • Having my quiet time
  • Fixing meals for my family
  • Talking, listening and laughing
  • Sorting through a closet of stuff
  • Cleaning up and straightening the house
  • Posting a blog
  • Checking emails and Facebook
  • Talking with a friend on the phone
  • Reading to the grandchildren just before I tucked them into bed
  • Watching a little TV with Sweet William before I snuggled up to sleep

It was a day of doing ordinary things with people I love.  And I think that old saying has some truth in it.  New Year’s Day was a fairly accurate projection of what my 2011 will look like.

2 thoughts on “2011 projections

  1. Sounds a lot like my day.One special step-grandaughter visited me for opening of her late Christmas gift. She did eat my cornbread,but skiped the rest.God helped me do some research,and now I’m taking a leap of faith and waiting on him for futher instructions.I’m really trying to part with some stuff and see if it wont declutter my space. I’m praying about selling things and doing something with the money to bless the orphans around this world.I want to do more than I’m doing and with Gods help that goal I’ve set will happen in this New year. The taking something out before you bring something in is gonna be a challenge for this lady. I’ve saved all those things like 1st locks of hait and 1st coloring paper.I’ve let go of somethings and other I just haven’t been able to let go yet.Stuff in closets are easy for me.But I’m determined to get organized in 2011. Love your blog Peggy.

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