A perfect Christmas?

I enjoy reading a blog by Holley Girth who is with (in)courage through DaySpring.  She wrote about our dreams for the perfect Christmas.  I know mine was definitly different this year, nothing like the picture-perfect ones I see in magazines. 

I thought you might enjoy her perspective on a perfect Christmas.

Merry Christmas, dear readers.  I’d like to hear about your slightly imperfect holiday.  Leave me a message.  It (in)courages me.


2 thoughts on “A perfect Christmas?

  1. This was really great. I understand her feeling of wishing for the perfect Christmas Celebration. I’m sure mine fell short of perfection. But our being together as a family said, I love You….and the greatest of these is Love. What else can any of us ask for than this. Bless you and Bill hope you had a Blessed restful day together.

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