Personal note – December 7

I thought I would try blogging every day of December just for the fun of it and make it sort of a Christmas countdown.  It hasn’t worked so well.  Blogging is hard work I have found.

So let me just share one of my favorite ways to think about God, to offer Him praise, to magnify Him in His glory.  It isn’t an original thought.  I read a book about it and liked it so much, I try to do it often.

Start with the first letter of the alphabet and think of a name or a characteristic of the triune God beginning with A.  Continue through the alphabet until you come to Z.  You can be creative with this.  By the time I get to the end of the exercise, I am praising my God and realizing once again how wonderful He is.

After reading my list, try one of your own. 

  • A  – Alpha
  • B – Beautiful
  • C – Comforter
  • D – Deliverer
  • E – Eternal
  • F – Faithful
  • G – Good
  • H – Holy
  • I – Immanuel
  • J – Jesus
  • K – King of kings
  • L – Lord of lords
  • M – Majestic
  • N – Name above names
  • O – Omnipotent
  • P – Peace
  • Q – Quiet place of rest
  • R – Righteous
  • S – Savior
  • T – True
  • U – Utterly wonderful
  • V – Victorious
  • W – Warrior
  • X – eXcellent
  • Y – Yahweh
  • Z – Zealous

There is no better time than Christmas to remember our God, who He is, and the unspeakable Gift of a Savior.  May His Name be praised!

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