Monday morning

Yesterday Little Flock Baptist Church began a four-day revival.  I wonder if anyone else sensed that Jesus was in the House yesterday?  There was such a powerful presence during the praise and worship.  I had to lift my hands in praise to the awesome God I serve. 

I was moved by the sermons both in the morning and evening by Dr. Ronnie Hill.  I had the privilege of being on the encourager team and was able to talk with a teen who wanted reassurance of her salvation.  As she reiterated Dr. Hill’s sermon, she wanted to be sure she “hadn’t missed first base.” 

I knelt at the altar in the PM service asking God for the heart of an evangelists, naming the people I want to tell about Jesus.  I expect the Lord takes that kind of prayer seriously, which means I am in for something!

As I wake from sleepiness this morning, some of my first thoughts are on the ladies of the Ruth Bible study.  We will  not meet for class this Wednesday because we will be attending the revival service that night.  I pray they are continuing their journeys with Ruth and Naomi this week.  I pray for their special requests.  I pray for a healing touch.

My long-time friend, Elaine, shared one her books with me.  I’ve just started reading it.  Mary Beth Chapman is the wife of singer/songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman.  He is, by the way, one of my husband’s favorite guitarists.  Ms. Chapman’s book is Choosing to See, her own story after the devastating loss of their little daughter, Maria, a few years ago.  Early in the book she made a statement that I have to share with my Ruth Bible study classmates.  She said,

 “What I’ve found is that it’s in the most unlikely times and places of hurt and chaos that God gives us a profound sense of His presence and the real light of His hope in the dark places.”     

I have found this to be so true.  In the darkest night, Jesus shines brightest.   In my great weakness, He is the strongest of the strong.  When I am desperate and helpless, He alone is my Helper.  May you find Him to be so to you this day, this week, on this your journey.

Blessings to you all on this Monday morning.  Go with God.

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