Is there anyone out there?

Our second week of Bible study was a tender night.  We imagined the scene as Ruth and Naomi packed up all their worldly goods, left Moab and began walking toward Bethlehem.   Were they fearful?   Did the loads they carried become heavy the farther they traveled?  Did they become weary, tired, and wonder if they would ever get there?  The closer Naomi got to Bethlehme, did she think of all she had lost during her years in Moab?  And how would she explain to the towns folk at home who she was now?  Did she wonder why?  Why has this happened to me?  Why has God done this?  And did she wonder, “Is there anyone out there?”

The first song on Kelly Minter’s companion CD Loss, Love & Legacy asks the same question, “Is there anyone out there?”  I’ve wondered it myself.  Haven’t we all?  When the frustrations of life pile up on us, when trouble comes unexpectedly, when the journey is hard, when we are so devastated that we fall in a puddle on the floor – we wonder if there is anyone out there.

The truth is there is Someone – Someone who walks every rocky path with us, One who is our companion all along each thorny road.  He is familiar with the way because He has walked before us.  “In this world you shall have tribulation,” He said.  “Don’t be afriad.  I have overcome the world.”  He has already been there and has won the victory over it all.  He will go with you.  Yes, there is Somebody out there.  His names is Jesus.

  Kelly Minter CD Image of Loss, Love & Legacy CD

2 thoughts on “Is there anyone out there?

  1. Finally got to get on here and see this. It is wonderful. And Yes, I am glad to know that there is someone out there JESUS!! Your words are very encourgaing. May GOD continue to bless you wach and everyday!

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