Beginning the journey

On Wednesday, September 15, a group of us women from Little Flock begin a journey with Ruth and Naomi, Old Testament characters who will be our companions for several weeks.  Their lives will reflect our own, in spite of the thousands of years that separate us.  We will gather in an upper room and open our Bibles.  Hopefully we will also open our hearts to one another.  Some parts of the journey may be hard.  Afterall, the Word is sharper than a two-edged sword.  Opening old wounds can be painful, but it is the only way for healing to be complete. 

The dear sisters who meet for Bible study will be old friends and new soon-to-be-friends.  I will learn to love them all and pray for them.  I will look joyfully for them each week as we climb the stairs to the upper room.   I hope we smile and laugh.  I hope we share our insights from the study each week.  I even hope we shed a few tears along the way.  Tears are therapy.  But mostly, I hope we find spending time with Jesus each day is our vital necessity, something we simply cannot do without. 

Our study guide is by Kelly Minter, Ruth: Loss, Love, Legacy.  I love her writings and her songs already.  She has much to tell, and we will learn by taking this trip together.    

Ruth, Loss, Love, Legacy

Tomorrow we prepare for the journey.  We set our eyes toward the goal.  We will examine legacy.  What will we leave behind for others when we are gone?  That, my dear sister, is the question to ponder.  Selah (pause and think about it)!

One thought on “Beginning the journey

  1. I cannot wait to begin this journey with you and the other precious ladies. Thank you for giving of your time and wisdom to help lead us closer to each other and our truly awesome God!

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